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As well I bought a puppy (Boston terrier) from medora in 2008 I received the puppy and I told her I got her she said " I didn't want to tell u this but she was two lbs and I shouldn't have shipped her but the vet said shed be okay cus she was spunky" ARE YOU KIDDING?!!!!I live in jersey and got her a Xmas time the poor thing coud have froze!!

Also, even tho she was healthy she did get the common cherry eye bu when I contacted medora she ever answered my calls!!

I had to pretend I was another buyer then when I questioned her she literally hung up!!!!I had no problem paying for the surgery it is my dog and m responsibility even tho she said she guaranteed her pups for a yr it didn't happen,,,

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LovedPuppies - Sold and shipped us a sick puppy

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My mom bought our family a Jack Russell Terrier puppy for Christmas.We received the puppy from Lovepuppies located in (Missouri) on January 24, 2008 via air travel.

The puppy was 10 weeks old when we got her and supposedly had a clean bill of health from the Veterinary Clinic Lovedpuppies uses in Missouri. We contacted the Veterinary clinic and they all they did was check the puppy's heart rate and breathing to make sure it was healthy enought to fly. We took the puppy to a local Vet nary Clinic on Tuesday January 29th (just 4 days later) to have a routine checkup completed and we were devastated with the findings we received. Our Puppy had the following infections ear mites, giardia, coccidia and hookworm.

I contacted the breeder Medora Blasengym to let her know about the infections and her response was some of the other puppies had it also and she guessed the medicine they were using didn't work and this is very common among young puppies. Our Vet stated 'he couldn't see how that puppy could have been given a clean bill of health when the ear mites were so bad you could see them just by looking at the outer ear' Our Vet also informed us that most of these infections are cause by unclean kennels and puppies not being well taken care of. I sent copies of our bills to the breeder and requested she pay us for the out of pocket costs we incurred but to this date that never happened. We wrote it off as Lovepuppies just will not stand behind their puppies.

Be very careful when buying a puppy from an out of state breeder.

Once they ship it they forget all about their responsibilities.

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Yes, this lady is a horrible human being and should be put out of business.We too purchased our Boston Terrier from her.

Our dog also had most of the same infections listed above and also has alergies and a terrible case of anxiety. She cannot even be around other dogs without overheating and almost passing out. After months of vet bills, medicine, constant ear cleanings, expensive food suppliments, and training we are at a point where she is as healthy as she will get, but alergies and the anxiety will never go away. She is a very skidish dog, but we love her.

We should all plan a trip to show up on her doorstep with all the sick dogs she breeds, and demand answers as to why she continues to run a half a#% business.She dodged any calls we made to her.....sad excuse for a human being, nice way to live!!!


Unreal same exact experience. She told me after I got my Boston terrier that she almost couldn't ship her cus she weighed 2 lbs! R u kidding me I live in new jersey and got her for Xmas she could have froze I also called her a fee times and she never answered or returned them I had to actually pretend to be someone else and when questioned she hung up on me!


People should always see a dog before buying, no matter where it is. Research puppy mills and backyard breeders.


I was really really lucky.

I purchased a puppy from Medora from online a few years ago.

After I payed for the puppy online i called Medora four times before she responded to me.

I was really really lucky though.

Lola is healthy.

I know it's rare for the pup to be healthy, but I would never do it again.

I've done my homework and educated myself about puppy mills.


The same thing happened with Madora, we didn't know she was a ***!!!!!!!we read reviews, we thought we did do our homework SHEEZ!!!!!!!

we kept calling Madora and asking her to take the dog back, it was sick something was really wrong with it, and she would not, so now we have a sick dog from inline breeding that is going to have to be put down!!Thanks


I bought a puppy from Eric Holloway and Trina Thomas and I could not have asked for a more professional transaction...My puppy was everything they promised and more...very socialized, healthy and the love of my life! I'm going to buy another one from them next year!! I don't know what happened to you all pups when you received them, but I can guarantee that it wasn't Parvo...This pup was vaccinated and wormed and I received the paperwork to prove it...Get a life people!


I am very sorry to hear about your sick puppy. We tried everything to make an impact and to have her be held accountable but nobody wanted to listen. We filed a BBB complaint, We contacted the local humane society and we even posted this blog but got nowhere. She Medora sure didn't seem to be concerned. He statement to us was that just happens to puppies sometimes. Post everything you can and maybe with multiple BBB claims they will do something. I hope everything works out okay with your Yorkie.


The Sparks Family




I just suffered the same horrible experience, except that my little girl didn't make it.She tested positive for Parvo and died 11 days later.

The "breeder" would not honor their warranty.

His name is Eric Holloway and Trina Thomas from Marshville, MO their email is

I called them inmediately after I found out she had Parvo and instead of being concerned and taking measurement to make sure their dogs were not infected, NO!they posted 9 more puppies in next day

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That is a pretty general statement ot make...don't buy s pup from out of state.


Not all dog breeders are like the one your Mom dealt with.Sheez.

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